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Mindful foraging and herbalism workshops

Find your connection to the plants around you.

Learn how to confidently identify and prepare food and medicines from common plants that surround you.

Rekindle that long lost knowledge. 

My Journey

Many years ago, I had a vision of working with plants in Alpine meadows. Rejecting that as a mere fantasy, I took a career as a countryside ranger, working all over Britain within countryside management & ecology....before finally coming back to  working for the plants.

By remembering how our ancestors worked with the plants around them and had an intimate connection with them, I was back on my path.

I studied herbalism, created a medicinal herb garden and learnt how to connect through meditation and incorporating so called wild plants into my life every day. I now share my knowledge, connection and love for the natural world with anyone who is curious! 

I can also offer walks outside of Somerset and tailor made days, so please get in touch with anything specific.



"A lovely time was had at a foraging afternoon held by Somerset Soul Food in April.  Rebekah is approachable, welcoming & friendly and happy to share her wisdom and knowledge about the plants and flowers we found along our meander through the countryside. I would definitely recommend booking a foraging experience with Somerset Soul Food - you will have a great time!" Helen 

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