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Herbal Foraging Walks

Give space for your curiosity to transform into confidence

Photo credit: Talia Woodin @taltakingpics

Foraged foods & medicines are packed full of nutrients - so much more than the mono-culture that our shopped foods often come from. Our ancestors would have known the names and uses of 100's of plants. Start down the path of that knowledge and book a walk or workshop in & around Somerset with me.......

If the money isn't flowing right now and you would like to learn about the plants, please get in touch. This information should not be limited to those who can afford it - it should be accessible for all. 


Spring Greens

Sunday 16th April 2-5pm



Spring Cleanse

Sunday, 30th April




Health in your Hands

Saturday 13th May 2-5pm



Hedgerow Witchin'

Sunday, 21st May



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