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Why Mindful Foraging 
Why Somerset Soulfood?

Photo credit: Talia Woodin @taltakingpics

I often get asked what is mindful foraging? At its most simple, it is foraging regeneratively. More than sustainably, this is a call to check in with what your needs are - how much do you need to harvest? Only take that. Then give back. The natural world is reciprocal. What can you give in return? Picking up some litter? Spreading & nurturing seeds elsewhere? Find a project that will give back - and make your heart sing. 

A  step further and I guide you in a short meditation practice. Here we connect to the earth, the plants, ourselves on a deeper level. After which, when we forage, we may notice more, may be in tune with what our bodies are in need of. And importantly, be in deeper connection with all that is around us.


In addition to helping people find out about the multitude of amazing plants around them, I wanted to grow other plants that aren't often found outside of gardens in this country. I grow these organically...& with love. These herbs find their way into the teas we drink and the oils I offer for my salve making workshops. 

Growing your own herbs can be so easy and empowering. If you drink herbal teas, do you know where your herbs came from, how they were treated, who picked them? By growing your own, you can help to stop the chain of environmental damage. 

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