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Hedgerow tea & tale

Join me to find hedgerow herbs with which to make tea. Then enjoy the tea while we enter the world of myth in a beautiful setting in Somerset.

Did you ever make 'potions' as a child? Mashing up different flowers and adding water? Well on this walk, we learn about all the different hedgerow herbs we can use to make a medicinal tea. We will then gather to drink tea and  be transported to another time, where myth and storytelling taught us more about ourselves than reality TV! 

What to expect

  • An introduction into how to forage mindfully and sustainably

  • Identification of edible plants. 

  • Knowledge in how to use these plants medicinally and for nutrition

  • Encouragement and information about growing your own herbs 

  • Delicious and easy recipe & medicine ideas

  • A seated storytelling, for about an hour

What to bring

  • Walking gear for all weathers!

  • Something to sit on - waterproof pad or similar

  • A notebook

  • A camera

  • Any identification books you might already have

  • A mug and flask of hot water for herbal tea

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