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Healing Balm Making Workshop

We have abundant resources at our fingertips to create healing balms, let me show you how.

Did you know that plantain is better at soothing nettle stings than docks? That nettle can actually soothe a hot rash....and that yarrow is a powerful friend for anyone's medicine cabinet?  Let me walk you through the basics of a natural first aid kit and teach you how to make your own healing balm to walk away with. We'll also enjoy a mug of herbal tea grown or foraged organically here in the Mendip Hills!

What to expect

  • An introduction into how to forage mindfully and sustainably

  • A gentle walk in the Mendip Hills 

  • Identification of edible plants and trees 

  • Knowledge in how to use these plants medicinally and for nutrition

  • Encouragement and information about growing your own herbs 

  • Delicious and easy medicine ideas

  • A guide in how to make your own healing balms to take home with you

What to bring

  • Walking gear for all weathers!

  • A mug for the tea

  • A notebook

  • A camera

  • Any identification books you might already have 

£55 per person

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