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Immunity Elixirs, Oxymels & Cough Syrups

Plants have answers for so many ailments. After this workshop, you should never need to buy over the counter cough remedies again!

Before commercial Chemists were invented, our ancestors knew what to reach for if their immunity was feeling a little low - or if they were too late and had a nasty cough. In this workshop, we will run through and make a few remedies to help you in the transition from Autumn to Winter, when our immunity sometimes has to work a bit harder. 

What to expect

  • An introduction into how to forage mindfully and sustainably

  • A gentle walk in the Mendip Hills 

  • Identification of edible plants and trees 

  • Knowledge in how to use these plants medicinally and for nutrition

  • Encouragement and information about growing your own herbs 

  • Delicious and easy medicine ideas

  • A guide in how to make your own elixir, oxymel or cough syrup to take home with you

What to bring

  • Walking gear for all weathers!

  • A mug for the tea

  • A notebook

  • A camera

  • Any identification books you might already have 


£50 per person

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