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Plant Connection Workshop

Plant Connection Workshop near Glastonbury

Learn how to get to know a plant on a deeper level.

We will start the walk with a meditation to encourage us to land where we are and become more receptive to the plants around us. We will then take a walk to meet some plants along the way and talk about some of their potential medicinal benefits. We will then end the walk with a Shamanic journey to meet the spirit of a plant. 

What to expect

  • An introduction into how to forage mindfully and sustainably

  • A meditation and Shamanic journey to meet plant spirits

  • Identification of edible plants and trees 

  • Knowledge of how to use these plants medicinally and for nutrition

  • Encouragement and information about growing your own herbs 

  • Delicious and easy recipe ideas

What to bring

  • Walking gear for all weathers!

  • Something to sit/lay on

  • A notebook and pencil

  • A camera

  • Any identification books you might already have

  • A mug for some tasty herbal tea

  • Well behaved dogs on leads - if you share your life with one! 


£32 per person

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